Adventure Lives Here

Welcome & thanks for your commitment to our wonderful community of Columbia Falls!
To download the Adventure Lives Here Style & Branding Guide, please click on the following link:?Adventure Lives Here Style & Branding Guide (PDF)

Columbia Falls Adventure Lives Here Logo

We ask that if you incorporate this brand into your business in any way or use this to sell a product, that you please make a donation to the Columbia Falls Community Foundation. Suggested donation: $1 per piece of apparel or merchandise. If you think that the logo is just plain rad and you would like to donate for the sake of helping the Community Foundation, by all means do!

The CFCF Mission Statement:

The mission of our Foundation is to strengthen the community by attracting charitable endowments, maximizing benefits to donors, making effective grants, and providing leadership to enhance and enrich the quality of life for our community.

Why a logo?

A logo is key to developing and facilitating the perception of a community. The town logo is what you are promising to each other and to visitor’s alike. This attaches a personality and attitude to perception. It also helps to differentiate our town from our neighboring communities, giving us one another example of why we are so proud of our town in the minds of our community members. We have lots of attributes that make Columbia Falls unique.

Why a motto?

A tagline is a short, concise statement that captures our brand. The tagline should be simple, yet memorable.

“Adventure Lives Here,” came about because we all love adventure. Adventure is in our backyards with Glacier National Park. We are the only town in the Valley that is truly bordered by a river. We hike, bike, fish, camp, whitewater raft & kayak, hunt, and play in all the glorious outdoor recreation amenities.

We are a community of adventurers. But Columbia Falls is where we live. Thus, “Adventure Lives Here.” Now go shout it from the mountain tops!

Encompass our brand in all parts of your business, school, non-profit organizations……. (Everything from answering your phone, email signatures, business cards, blogs, website, etc.)

Be Consistent!

Consistency is key
Remain true to our brand

Examples of how to use the brand:

columbia-falls-logo-usage-ideas-002 columbia-falls-logo-usage-ideas-001